Mixtape: DJ Kay Slay & Cali Swag District – ‘Deeper Than The Dougie’

Track list and download link after the jump. Their album The Kickback is coming soon.

1 DJ Kay Slay Intro (R.I.P. M Bone)
2 Im Not A Star
3 Cant Be Friends Freestyle (Yung)
4 How To Do That (M Bone)
5 If They Head Right
6 I Really Live It
7 Reefer Man ft Chev
8 Ridin Low Gettin High
9 July Freestyle (Smoove)
10 This Beat Is Sick
11 MJ Freestyle (Jayare)
12 Turn It Up (We Dont Love These Hoes)
13 Betty Boo (Vito) Bonus Track
14 Look At Me Now Freestyle (Mr Smith) Bonus Track
15 Everything Polo (Smitty Boy) Bonus Track
16 No Shirts Tattoos (Young Keno ft Cali Swag District & 211) Bonus Track

Download here

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