Police: Football players stabbed on Morgan State University campus

BALTIMORE —Three football players were stabbed on the Morgan State University campus Tuesday afternoon, Baltimore City police Commissioner Anthony Batts said.

Authorities said the stabbing took place shortly after 2 p.m. outside Rawlings Dining Hall.

A university representative said the stabbings stemmed from an argument and that someone pulled out a knife and started swinging it, cutting the three victims.


“Some individual pulled out a knife in the middle of the altercation and just wildly began swinging. Two individuals were cut superficially, one was cut more seriously but not life-threatening,” Morgan State University spokesman Clint Coleman said.

Police said one victim was stabbed in his chest, a second victim was stabbed in the back and a third victim was stabbed in the arm. All three victims were taken to area hospitals with injuries that were not expected to be life-threatening.

Police said investigators are interviewing several persons of interest.

“I was in the middle of everything. I saw the guy on a stretcher. Football players were being rowdy on campus,” said Jazmin Hawes, a student.

City and university police are investigating. Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has information about it is asked to call police at 410-396-2444.

A university representative said it’s possible that the attack is related to fights that occurred over the weekend.

The stabbing comes after a student was stabbed by his roommate over the weekend.


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