Tidal App Suffers Huge Drop On Apple App Store

The roll-out for Tidal was lavished with appearances by superstar artists and a live stream of the launch. Even with exclusive content and the celebrity power of Jay Z, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Kanye West and others, the streaming service seems to be struggling to catch on with the public.

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The Tidal application has fallen out of the top 750 apps on Apple’s App Store. Two weeks ago Tidal was at 78. In the music category, Tidal is currently at 48 behind other streaming services Pandora (1), Spotify (2), SoundCloud (3), Beats Music (5), Rapsody (33), and Rdio (42).

The company recently replaced its CEO. Peter Tonstad took over as the interim chief executive from Andy Chen. Tonstad once served as CEO of Tidal’s parent company Aspiro Group.

“I believe in Tidal and what the team is doing to affect the change the music industry needs,” said Tonstad in a statement. “We’re streamlining the company and refocusing our resources to ensure the platform continues to grow, and listeners can make a connection to their favorite artists. No one else is doing this.

via AllHipHop » Tidal App Suffers Huge Drop On Apple App Store.

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